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Project Evaluation

D5 Creation’s Socio Economic Experts and Consultants provide program evaluation services for social service delivery programs for Development Organizations. Most recently, over the past few years, D5 Creation has provided process and outcome focused evaluation services for social service and government agencies in the areas of Environment, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Planning and Development, Disaster Management, PRA, PLA, Microenterprise Development, Education and Literacy, Teen Leadership, Restorative Justice for Youth, Right Based Projects, Human Rights and Social Justice, Women Empowerment, Governance, Change Management, Reform and Domestic Violence Services. Many of these programs were designed to foster self-sufficiency in low-income populations.

Evaluation Approach
We work closely with clients to understand their evaluation needs and develop an evaluation plan and tools to meet these unique needs. As projects evolve over time, our evaluation approach and methodology is periodically revisited to ensure that any changes are adequately addressed.

The evaluation plans, instruments and measures that we develop are grounded in relevant literature and theory within each subject area to ensure high quality work that meets the client’s needs and informs the larger research and knowledge base for practitioners, researchers, students and the general public. D5 Creation provides process and outcome focused evaluation services.

Process Evaluation: Examines the process or implementation of a project to inform “best practices” for ongoing program improvement, mid-course corrections and lessons learned for project reliability.
Outcome Evaluation: Outcome evaluation seeks to demonstrate the impact of the program on the service-user, such as clients, participants, students, etc.

Methods and Deliverables

    • We use qualitative and quantitative measures to carry out methodologies including surveys (mail, telephone, and web-based), focus groups, interviews, observation, archival and record review, and data management.
    • We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative data analyses using programs such as SPSS (PASW), AMOS, Limdep, LISREL, STSTA, GIS and RS Tools Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Excel and Access.
    • Project deliverables typically include interim and annual reports, briefs, executive summaries and cumulative reports for longer-term projects.
    • Presentations of key findings are often made to audiences such as stakeholders, boards and committees, government agencies, state and federal policy makers, and invited and refereed conferences.
    • Findings are also published on our website, in popular media, and peer-reviewed journals.
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