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Project Design & Planning

D5 Creation has also a expert group of Consultants who are specialized in Development Project and Program Design and Planning. Donors, Government Agencies, NGOs, Organizations, Companies can Contuct US for our Prospectus and Portfolio on Project Design, Planning, Evaluation etc for the areas of Pro Poor Growth, Poverty Reduction, Environment, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Planning and Development, Disaster Management, PRA, PLA, Microenterprise Development, Education and Literacy, Teen Leadership, Restorative Justice for Youth, Right Based Projects, Human Rights and Social Justice, Women Empowerment, Governance, Change Management, Reform and Domestic Violence Services.

We Follow the Following Planning Process for Project Planning

    • Problem analysis is thorough
    • Stakeholders are clearly identified and monitored
    • Quality assurance is built in
    • Objectives are relevant to problems and clearly stated
    • Outputs and objectives are logical and measurable
    • Beneficiaries’ strengths and weaknesses have been identified
    • Assumptions are taken into account
    • Monitoring concentrates on verifiable targets and outputs
    • Evaluations identify ‘lessons learnt’ and integrates them into the cycle for similar succeeding projects
    • Sustainability is defined, not essentially by ‘organisational continuity’, but primarily by the continuous ‘flow of benefits’

1. Programme:

  • Review of local social and economic conditions
  • Review of relevant local and central government policies and initiatives
  • Community strategy undertaken and project criteria developed
    2. Identification:

  • Definition of a project problem
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Problem and objective assessment
  • Strategy options explored and decided
  • Quality assurance undertaken
    3. Formulation:

  • Develop the Logical Framework
  • Assessment of impact and sustainability
  • Review of the prepared project for institutional capacity, costs and benefits
  • Prepare project proposal
  • Prepare budget and provide a set of financial ratios
  • Quality assurance undertaken
    4. Appraisal & Commitment:

  • Agreement by partners to support the project
  • Project appraisal
  • Project appraisal undertaken
  • Comparative ratio analysis undertaken
    5. Implementation:

  • Project inception review
  • Prepare activity schedule
  • Monitor progress of project
    6. Evaluation:

  • Assessment of the project results against objectives
  • Evaluation lessons influence future projects
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