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Socio Economic Research

We provide multidisciplinary research and development services that encompass various themes. Our research focuses on the social and economic characteristics of Pro Poor Growth, Poverty Reduction, Environment, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Planning and Development, Disaster Management, PRA, PLA, Microenterprise Development, Education and Literacy, Teen Leadership, Restorative Justice for Youth, Right Based Projects, Human Rights and Social Justice, Women Empowerment, Governance, Change Management, Reform and Domestic Violence Services.

Planning, whether physical or strategic, is directly linked with the socio-economic status of target communities. To be able to plan for people, an in-depth understanding of their social as well as economical well being is needed. At Rural and Urban Dynamics, we understand this relationship all too well. To nurture this understanding, we operate on the forefront of socio-economic research. We have successfully completed many studies and research projects related to the field of environment, poverty reduction, GIS, RS, climate change, planning and development. These studies have been conducted on a regional level as well as on a more local or urban level.

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