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GIS and RS Services

GIS and RS Services

D5 Creation provides clients with a range of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS), Remote Sensing and Aerial Photo Interpretation products and services that complement our traditional environmental assessment and monitoring services. Our experienced GIS professionals are familiar with a range of satellite data products and use the latest digital image processing and GIS software packages.

We Provide the following GIS and RS Services.

Image Processing: Ortho-rectification, atmosphere correction, and pan-sharpening.
Flood Mapping: Near Real Time radar-based mapping, historical flood analysis, and model integration.

Wetland Mapping: Customized wetland mapping products designed to meet management needs.

Land Cover and Change Mapping: Products and analysis conducted over a range of mapping scales and time periods.

Hydrologically-correct DEM: Elevation products that accurately depict surface water drainage.

Internet Map Services: Standard and customized service development and hosting, using commercial and open source software.

GIS Development: Needs assessment, business case development, spatial database design, customization, and implementation.

GIS Analysis: Analyses to investigate environmental patterns and processes.

Cartography: Print quality and large format map products, including 3-D perspectives and hill shading.

CAD-GIS: Mapping and data management in both CAD and GIS environments.

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