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5 Bespoke SEO tips for your WordPress blog/site

Congratulations on owning a WordPress powered blog/site! You have indeed chosen a Content Management System(CMS) which offers you the flexibility of customizing virtually everything about your web portal. Now the most important point that needs to be considered here is whether your WordPress blog/site has been optimized for quick readability by search engines? If your answer is a 'No' then it's high time for you to follow some quick tips that will enable you to make your WordPress blog/site search engine friendly. In this post, I've suggested some handy SEO Tips that will prove utmost beneficial for your WordPress blog/website.

1.Include high-quality, relevant content into your web pages
D5 Creation SEO Tips

It is a good quality and highly relevant web page content that does all the SEO trick for your WordPress enriched blog/site. All the popular search engines rank websites and blogs on the basis of content that's included within them. By ensuring high-end quality of your blog/site's content, you'll be able to gather better recognition among your competitors. While writing content for your blog/site, do remember to write for human readers and not the search engines. If your content reads like a robot, no one would choose to stay on yur site and hence its bounce rate will grow.

2.Include XML Sitemap in your WordPress site
D5 Creation SEO Tips

When it comes to SEO, XML Sitemap is something you can't afford to miss for sure. An XML sitemap is basically a list of all the pages that have been incorporated into the website. It is the XML sitemap which alerts the search engines every time a new content is being posted on your website/blog. This allows the search engines to skim through your site/blog in a better manner. I recommend using the Google XML Sitemap plug-in for automating the sitemap for your website/blog.

3.Don't forget to build great backlinks
D5 Creation SEO Tips

The quality of SEO is mainly marked by the way you've marked your site/blog with other websites and blogs. Therefore, backlink building is an absolute necessity if you want your web portal to get featured amongst the leading blogs and websites available over the internet. With authoritative links available for your website, search engines would rank your site in search results which are relevant to the websites that you have linked to. Hence, backlinks actually improve the search engine visibility for your WordPress website/blog.

4.Customize your permalinks
D5 Creation SEO Tips

Serving as a permanent URL for your WordPress blogpost, permalink must be altered in terms of its structure. You can go ahead with changing the default structure of your permalink by simply clicking on “Edit” link available adjacent to a specific permalink. As an alternative to this technique,you can also go to “Permalinks” available under “Settings” in your admin dashboard. Gere, you need to click on “Custom Structure”, followed by entering /%postname%. As a recommendation, it is better to add a numeric struucture such as date along with every post that is published on your WordPress website/blog. With unique permalinks for posts and pages, it becomes quite convenient for WordPress to distinguish between new posts and pages.

5.Install a search engine optimized theme for your WordPress blog/post
D5 Creation SEO Tips

It is advised to go ahead with the installation of a search engine friendly theme for your WordPress blog.site. The reason for this being that a sleek, well-deisgned seo theme will have the caliber of making your site/blog rank on topmost positions of different search engines. Plus, even your users wouldn't get bored and deviate towards a website/blog belonging to one of your competitors. All of the D5 Creation Themes are SEO Optimized.


SEO Integration is a key concern immediately after you've set up your WordPress enriched blog or website. I'm sure the simple-to-follow tips covered above would definitely aid you in assuring the leading position of your web portal on all major search engine results pages.

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Author : Sophia Phillips

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