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How to show Blog Posts or Static Page and Extra Content/Page in the Front Page

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support How to show Blog Posts or Static Page and Extra Content/Page in the Front Page

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    How to show Blog Posts or Static Page and Extra Content/Page in the Front Page with D5 Creation Themes

    You may know that All of our Themes are WordPress.org Standards. All of the Free Versions can be found at WordPress.org because they were passed the Approval Process of WP Theme Review. As per the WP Policy those free themes should show either Blog Index or Static Page in the Front Page by default according to the Settings of WP-Admin > Settings > Reading. We also implemented that as default in our Extended Themes. But, Most of our users started to ask us how to hide the Blog Index or Static Page from the Front Page because most of the cases users don’t want to show that. So, we don’t show the Blog Index or Static Page by default in our Extended Version Themes now. But, you can still show that in your site easily from the Theme Options if you want.

    If you want to show the Blog Index or Static Page in your site, you must set those first from the WP-Admin > Settings > Reading. By Default, the Your latest posts is selected for your Front page displays.

    WordPress Reading Setting

    The above settings will show the Blog Index in the Front Page. If you want to show a Static Page in the Front Page and a Blog Index Page in another page, you can set the following settings where you must set 02 Separate Page for those 02. Blog Page may be blank. It may be any Page Name like My Page, Page 03, News etc.

    WordPress Blog Page

    These are the Primary Part to show the Blog Index or Static Page. Any of these o2 will be set at WordPress Dashboard by default. Most of the peoples don’t want to show that. So, we skipped this setting in our Extended Version Themes. But, you can still activate that easily from the Theme Options. Most of our Extended Version Themes have these options under WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme Name Options > General Options. Some Theme may have in different Places. You should select the appropriate one for your requirement. We believe that you can select the right option from the available 03 options marked in Red Box

    SIMPLIFY Theme Front Page Blog/Page

    Awesome Theme Front Page Blog/Page

    These Settings will show your Static Page or Blog Index like the following but the design and layout may vary for our Themes. All Themes do not have the same layout. The example has been given with Innovation Extend Theme.

    Blog Index Page in Front Page with Sidebar

    Blog Index Page in Front Page WordPress

    Blog Index Page without Sidebar

    Blog Page without WidGets WordPress

    Static Front Page with or without Sidebar

    Static Front Page with or without Sidebar WordPress

    Static Front Page without Sidebar and Custom Design by Page Builder
    You can show your Page in different ways, truly, the scope is unlimited. You need to use a Page Builder Plugin. There are lots of Free Page Builder Plugins.

    We recommend

    This ShortCode Generator: ShortCodes Ultimate and/or

    This Page Builder: Elementor Page Builder and/or
    This Page Builder: Page Builder Sandwich and/or
    This Page Builder: Page Builder by SiteOrigin

    Plugin/s for our Themes. You can also use These Plugins for any of your Page of Post. You can show Column, Pricing Table, Accordion, Ticker, Slider and many more items in every page, too using This Plugins.

    Page Builder WordPress

    The following Part is not Related with the Above Settings, but You can show the Blog Posts in Front Page

    You can still Show your Latest Blog Posts in Front Page without Thinking for the WP-Admin > Settings > Reading for most of our Themes. In that case, you can Select which posts should be shown in Front Page. All of your Posts may not be same important to show in the Front Page. You may find such these Blog Part in most of our Themes. You can show or hide this part from WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme Options. This Feature is only Available in D5 Creation Themes. When you need to show Both Static Front Page and Blog Index in Front Page, this feature is the right way to do that.

    Blog Posts in WordPress

    For this Blog Posts, you should Check the Box during Post Creation / Editing. Otherwise no Blog Posts will be visible in Front Page Blog Part Generated by the Theme

    Check WordPress Posts

    D5 Creation

    You can reorder the Front Page Elements simply using This Feature. This Feature is not available all of the Themes but available all new Themes. You can find this under WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General Options

    You can activate this option and move the sections applying drag and drop

    moving front page sections

    D5 Creation

    Do you want to Add 50+ More Features with D5 Creation Themes Easily ?

    You can add 50+ more Features with our Themes easily using the Plugin ShortCodes Ultimate. You can add Sliders, Columns, Carousals, Tickers, Heading, Videos, Lightbox, Tooltip, Accordions, Tables, Menus etc. in our Themes. We believe that you can give a new look of your site adding these ShortCodes into your Pages and Posts.

    ShortCode Ultimate

    Please read This Article for Learning More

    50 WordPress ShortCodes

    D5 Creation

    Drag and Drop Page Builder with D5 Creation Themes

    Example 01, Example 02, Example 03, Example 04, Example 05, Example 06, Example 07, Example 08, Example 09

    You may know that all of our Themes are Independent. They don’t require any Plugin to Run normally. They are also feature rich. Thousands of users like our Themes because of their Simplicity, User Friendly Interface and Easy Integration with useful Plugins. If you want to enhance the Theme you are using, you may try using This Plugin which has 55+ very Useful Available Features for Easy Page Building. You will have unlimited possibilities with the Drag and Drop Page Builder. There are dozens of Ready-made Templates, too which will help you building your website easily. Your site will be unique. The available Features are as follows:

    WordPress Page Builder D5 Creation Themes

    You can select a Ready-made Template and customize that easily from the Front-end. You can see the Live Changing. All templates are not Free but Free Templates are enough for your website. You can create your own Templates, too.

    WordPress Page Builder Templates

    Elementor Page Templates: You can select your desired one and can edit as per your requirements

    Elementor Page Templates

    Elementor Blocks: You can use these Blocks as per your requirements

    Elementor Blocks

    During designing your Pages with any Page Builder, you should select the Appropriate Options and Page Template

    WordPress Page Templates

    D5 Creation

    You can easily add Extra Content in Front Page, and also add any Page

    You can add any Specific Page Content in Front Page. It is better to design the Page with any Page Builder like Elementor.

    You can add Extra Contents like Text, iFrame, Image, HTML, Ads etc. too. You can use ShortCodes from this ShortCode Generator Plugin: ShortCodes Ultimate

    Extra Page and Content in Front Page

    Example of Extra Page designed by Page Builder

    Extra Page designed by Page Builder

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