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D5 Creation is one of the leading WordPress Themes Developers in the world. The team and this site produce quality WordPress Themes that are used by thousands of websites around the world. Along with Theme Development and Web Development services, D5 Creation provides hundreds of valuable resources, too. We have hundreds of great articles on web development, web technology, SEO, web trends, web marketing, and above all WordPress. Here you can find potential customers by advertising your website and products.

Why Advertise on D5 Creation?

D5 Creation has always valued quality over quantity. That’s why our themes are the best and the articles published on our site are also of the best quality. Many keywords put D5 Creation at #1 (number one) in Google Ranking. You can safely choose D5 Creation to promote your site or product, increase your site ranking, increase site importance in search engines, and reach to more users. Here are some important statistics of D5 Creation:

  • 4,631,176 do-follow backlinks
  • 200,000+ social media followers
  • 550,000+ monthly search impressions
  • 4,329 forum topics and discussions
  • 351 tutorials and articles
  • Registered users: 19,191
  • Websites: 350,000+ (estimated)

Most of our visitors are Energetic Young People of 18-44 Age Range.

D5 Creation Visitors Age Distribution
Every day we serve thousands of users and visitors and most of them are from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.

D5 Creation is a social enterprise that acts as a Social Responsibility rather than a Business. We spend a large portion of our income on the education of underprivileged students. If you contribute to the development of our site, you will also be a part of that social work.

You can easily choose your favorite from the Many Options below to advertise on D5 Creation.

Promotional Blog Posts

You can write a Blog Post related to WordPress, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Technology, Web Design Trends, Programming, ICTs, and Blogging and Publish it on our website. As a reward, we will allow you to use the author box to promote your products and services. There are some Rules. We shall review the Articles and Publish them if they pass our standards. You can use a Maximum of 03 Links from the Author Bio. The Links will be Do Follow. In some cases, we may allow those 03 Do Follow Links from the Article Content, too if those links are highly relevant to the subject.

Cost: $300

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not tag any of our articles as Sponsored, Paid, or Free.

All our articles are permanent as long as they don’t violate any of our policies.

As we mentioned earlier that D5 Creation is more Confident in Value, and Reputation with users/visitors than Quantity and Money. So sharing any site’s link is not disclosed. Links to Porn Sites, Sites that are Harmful to Children, Sites that Promote Drug Addiction, Sites that Contribute to Creating Unrest in the World, and above all any Site that is Against the Law cannot be shared. Links to the sites of Casinos, Betting, Loans/Finance, CBD, Dating, Erotica, Cryptocurrencies, etc are partially acceptable if those don’t violate the law. There is no problem in promoting the link of those sites but the links should be highly compatible with the content. In this case, the content of the article should match the contents of our site, too.

As long as the linked site maintains its content, as long as it does not violate our policy, and as long as it does not violate the law, the link will remain as it is. Otherwise, we will remove those links, and may even remove the article, whenever this situation arises. If any other important search engine like Google or Bing flags/bans/blocks or warns any site for malware, phishing, or any other reason, then we will remove the link of that site. No notice will be given for these, no refund will be given, article writer will have no right to make any objection.

We always encourage articles over 1000 words but accept 700+ word articles if the article is very important and unique. You have to remember, we never compromise the quality of our site for money.

Very minor mistakes like missing a letter in a link or something that doesn’t seem intentional will have the opportunity to change the link within the first 3 days of article publication. In no case may the link be changed from one site to another site or from one page of a site to another after the publication of the article.

Look, Article Publishing is not our main job or main source of income. We mainly focus on Theme Development, Updates, and Solving User Problems. In between, we work to publish articles. That is why time is needed for article review and publication. It is not possible to say anything specific about that time but we try our best to publish as soon as possible. The publication of the article can be postponed with a refund until the publication of the article, but once it is published, no refund can be claimed.

We do not process any payments ourselves. processes payments on our behalf. They accept almost all Major Credit/Debit Cards and also accept PayPal payments. Payment can be made easily by going to This Link. But please contact us before and after payment. All payments are in advance and must be paid before the publication of the article.

The publication of the article can be postponed with a Refund until the publication of the article, but once it is Published, no Refund can be claimed.

Paid Reviews

We can write a detailed review about your product and/or service. It should be related to WordPress, Web Design, Blogging, Hosting, Template or other Related Topics. It is better you will provide us the Article and we shall edit and make necessary changes according to our policies. You will receive 2/3 Do Follow links within the Article Body.

Cost: $350

Listing on Theme/Plugin Collections

We will list your Theme/Plugin on any of Theme/Plugin Collections of your choice but position of your Theme/Plugin will be determined by quality of your theme (our subjective option)

Cost: $99

Featured Listing on Theme/Plugin Collections

We’ll place your Theme/Plugin among top listings (depending on availability) of any Theme/Plugin collection of your choice. This will Remain at the Top for 03 Months. Afterwards we might update this collection to add more Themes/Plugins but your Theme/Plugin will not be removed from collection but might be moved slightly down on the list. Your Theme/Plugin will remain on the list as it remains competitive and you keep it updated.

Cost: start at $150


We can host your Giveaways and help you to grow your loyal customers.

Cost: $350

Bulk Discounts ?

If you want to advertise more than one, want to publish more than one article, or want to publish more than one article in a month regularly, then there is an opportunity for a discount. Bulk discounts are available for agencies and regular publishers. Please contact us for detailed information. You can Pay for your desired Services From Here

Banner Ads

We can agree on specific Banner Placement and Size. Available Sizes are Flexible.

Cost: starts at $200

Banner Ads' Sizes and Prices

Banner Ads will be displayed in the Blog Index Page and Single Blog Pages. Position(Up/Bottom) will be dependent on Availability and First Come First Place Basis.