KABBO is Distributed in Two Packages


Extend Version: KABBO Extend

Current Version: 4.7
Last Updated on: Mar 01, 2022
Please read This Release Note

KABBO, Family Theme. It is also for Personal to Corporate Sites

All smart devices can display this Theme within their viewable area. KABBO has 100+ Theme Options and Features

Kabbo Theme

Kabbo is a super elegant WordPress Blog and WordPress Organization Theme. The best use of Kabbo Theme is for Social Organizations and stylish Blogs. What is your Purpose? Business? Personal Blog? Portfolio Site? Image Gallery? Family Site? HTML 5 and CSS3 powered KABBO Theme is the right choice for you. Customizable Background and other options will give the WordPress Driven Site an attractive look. KABBO is super elegant and Professional Theme which will expand you widely. The Slider will show the featured images and contents of posts automatically. Front Page, Right/Left and Footer Sidebar will be usable for showing the Widgets and Plugins items. Full Wide page can be used for showing showcase or other pages. KABBO Extend has come with exciting Post Options, Theme Options and Extra Functionalities with more than 100 Theme Options. D5 Creation's Support will be with you, Always! You can Visit the KABBO Demo Here


Extend Version has Advanced Functionality and can be downloaded by the DEVELOPER and ONE THEME Members Only!

Extend Version has More Theme Features which will give freedom to the developers and the theme will be a frame of a complete CMS. Featured Images and Post Titles can be shown as sliding images easily in this special version. Users will take the decision which Featured Images and Posts can be shown as Sliding. DEVELOPER and ONE THEME Members can completely disable the Comments Box, Logged In User Admin Bar, Credit Line if want. This Version can show the Site Logo or Company Logo and Site Link in the Login Page instead of WordPress Logo and Link. More Features will be added soon.