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Delete All Pending Facebook Posts in Groups at Once

How to Delete All Pending Facebook Posts in Groups at Once

We who manages Facebook Groups face a problem of hundreds of Spam or Not Relevant Posts waiting for Approval. Facebook has no system to Remove or Approve them all at once. We can only Approve or Delete one by one. But, we may follow a simple trick to Delete AllRead More

3D Flash Slider Issue

SIMPLIFY, Premium and SPARK Themes’ 3D Flash Slider Issue

You may know that the Flash Based 3D Sliders of SIMPLIFY, Premium and SPARK themes are very popular among the Web Developer and Designers. We introduced the 3D Slider in WordPress Themes for the First Time in 2012. SIMPLIFY was among the top 5 most popular Themes at WordPress manyRead More

Optimizing WordPress

Optimizing Your WordPress Site – A 15-Step Guide

Slow websites deter visitors. In fact, a recent survey reported that 35% will wait 3-5 seconds, 20% will wait less than 3 seconds, and 7% expect an immediate load. Only 38% said they would wait any longer. Ideally, you want a two-second load. In this article you will learn OptimizingRead More

Make Money with a WordPress Website

A Quick Guide on How to Make Money with a WordPress Website

Is it possible to Make Money with a WordPress Website? These days, there is a trend of creating WordPress websites. Almost all individuals with a little knowledge of the internet and computer can easily create WordPress websites and start their digital life in an easy way. Numerous WordPress Site DevelopmentRead More

8 Business Tips to chew over before buying a Premium WordPress Theme

8 Business Tips to chew over before buying a premium WordPress Theme

Why there isn’t any traffic on my website despite I’ve spent a healthy amount on the theme? This question irritated me for two months. Those sleepless nights worrying about the amount of investment I’ve made on my website. Still gives me shivers. Feeling depressed one day. I went out aloneRead More

Ways to Use WordPress Beyond Blogging

10 Ways to Use WordPress Beyond Blogging

If you’re an active content creator on Internet, you must have heard of WordPress. Widely considered the favorite tool of millions of bloggers across the world, WordPress is a highly versatile platform which, when employed properly, can often work wonders for your online needs. Over the years, WordPress has evolvedRead More

Components That Affect E-commerce Sales

5 Critical Components That Affect E-commerce Sales

Over the past decade, there has been a sharp increase in Internet users. Now, the internet goes beyond the usual framework of information exchange. It has started to penetrate into the most diverse areas of our daily lives. E-commerce is one of them. In simple terms, E-commerce is a processRead More

New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Everything You Need to Know About the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Powering nearly 30% of all websites on the Internet, WordPress without any shadow of a doubt is the undisputed king of CMS arena today. Initially started as a blogging-focused platform, it has seen a number of noteworthy changes and improvements over the past years since its inception in 2003 andRead More

wordpress basics

How to Teach WordPress Basics to Students

Teaching WordPress to students should not be difficult after all. Since WP is easy to understand, the only question remaining here is where to start, how to synchronize the available data, and how deep one should go when explaining all the details.   And if you are currently thinking ofRead More

Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate

Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate [5+ Amazing Tips]

“Content is King”. This phrase is old school yet effective and will always be. For any business website, content provides effective communication to the prospects. A good quality professional content reflects the divinity of your organization. Every business organization must maintain that or else the credibility of the organization isRead More