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Thank you for your professional help – everything is working now perfectly. I will recommend your company, your services und your products. Best regards from Austria.

- Eckhard M

Thanks guys. Absolutely love the site template and functionality. Great customer support as well.

- Milehigh M

I really recommend the creators of D5 Creation. They always responded to my requests and always found a solution to my problems. They even sometimes created scripts that were not planned in their themes. They are very efficient and professional. A big thank you to you.

- Bernard Tisne

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It really helped. You are great!

- Sergiusz Borecki

You are a Great Company to do business with. I appreciate your prompt & professional manner

- Paige Duewel

Thank you very much , I am very satisfied with this Awesome Extend theme. It is more than I expected.

- Alex Void

I love working with your themes! So professional and classy

- Bobby Jen Nichols

Super Thank you!!! I truly appreciate how you take care of your customers — it is a great help to us who are hand-tied!!

- Kara Rozendaal

Just installed the latest extended version of this theme and it worked well for what I wanted it to do. I love the header animation and I tested it on Pingdom.com and it was very fast 1.6 second loading time with also using cloudflare on my hosting site. There were couple of little bugs I found and I got super service right away. I created a temp login and someone went into the site and fixed it for me. So very happy with it

- Rainer Kunert

I have never had support this good before. I asked about a few small details and it all got fixed right away. Great Service! Thank you.

- Rainer Kunert

I know, and Your themes are really among the best WP themes in the world for users without coding experience..:-). I am really happy with Your themes and I use them in my big Copenhagen based Soccer Club to create all kinds of single projects, news sites and more

- Jan Amtrup

Please pass my gratitude along to the person(s) responsible for approving this change, writing the spec, writing the code, testing the code and deploying the code, and posting this reply.That’s just what I would have liked to say. Greet job .

I just love your theme’s and all of the possibility’s.

Keep it going I should say.

- Ronnie Teurfs

You guys are my heroes!!!!But seriously, thank you so much – this change truly makes a very positive impact on my website which is trying to make a positive impact on women’s lives.
So if you ever think that when you make changes to our themes that you are just making things “more convenient” or more “pretty” sure there are sites where that is the case – but in my case you are helping deliver a message of hope to hurting people. So you are doing FAR MORE than just writing code, or testing code or deploying code (and all the support functions around that)

Never forget that.

p.s. Please pass my gratitude along to the person(s) responsible for approving this change, writing the spec, writing the code, testing the code and deploying the code, and posting this reply.

- Robert Salmon

Happy happy happy. Great site, easy to use on the fly, and they have been great with prompt return of e-mails and helping me along the way. I'm having fun with this.

- jasontillery

What was at first a very good template ended up being an excellent one, after I got my answers to a few questions. I had been looking for the best template or a couple of days and ended up selecting this one. Clean, professional, and user friendly, I highly recommend it to any WordPress user.

- Maun44

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance!! It takes away some of the stress from this “adventure” I’m on knowing that not only are the themes works of art, the backbone behind them – the support – is awesome too. Thanks for that!

- Robert

Wow! That was the quickest turnaround for a service email I've ever seen. Thanks so much for the help and quick response!

- Steven Solazzo

I'm not a web developer, but I decided to take over my own website construction to save time and money. Not only did the SIMPLIFY Theme help me to do both (it's SO easy to use), but it also added an elegance to my website that was sorely needed! I'm getting more compliments and more visitors now than ever. Thank you, D5 Creation!!!

- Michael Neeley

Thanks for all your help and I love your themes! Enjoying Simplify as we speak!! cheers!

- Matthew Furgiuele

I LOVE the Selfie theme. One of the best I have ever worked with.

- Joseph Gioconda

Second time I have received assistance on a difficult (tweaky) nuance and just like the first time this group was timely, responsive, courteous and most of all – “open minded”. Quite a pleasant change from many support mechanisms All the above while under fire on a production site that gets thousands of visits a day.In a word “props” ….

- Steven Van Over, cowboysnation.com, sportstalkline.com

Thank YOU for your generosity – you guys are great AND have wonderful patience!!!

- Patricia Lenihan, religioussistersofcharityeng-scot.org

I want to let you know that our new website is getting RAVE reviews from our client and customers. Thanks so much for the fantastic template and awesome assistance. You’ve been great.

- Mike Steinke, www.blu-alliance.com

I have met my match with you. I am very service oriented – thus my clients have been with me for years. I never knew there was anyone as service oriented as myself. I found them. D5 Creation.

- Pamela Krouskoff

If I didn't already, is about time to tell you how much I love and admire your work. You guys are GREAT! Keep up the good work. Thank you

- Emilia Manda

Every time we had a question or a request for a customization to the website, the D5 team was quick and more than understanding on exactly what we needed to accomplish. We received great support to every question and request posed to D5.

- Ryan Frost

Thank you for your quick response as usual and I really appreciate your help. Customer service is key with product and I am spreading the new about you guys!

- Keith Flaherty

Your support team is incredible! I’ve never dealt with any company that replies so quickly and efficiently. Well worth the price of the theme, thank you!
I’m really enjoying making the customizations through the Custom Code in Head Area... awesome feature!

- Tania Tyler

Dear friends at D5 Creation, We would like to write an endorsement for you, because you have been very helpful to us! We are very pleased with the Simplify Extend theme by D5 Creation, and very grateful to the support we received for all our questions. The Technical Support Team promptly responded to our emails and made our transition from the old website to the new one much smoother. Thank you, D5 Creation! We look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely,

-The Care of Creation family. www.careofcreation.net

Thank you! I was most impressed by your very quick response and how active and helpful you are on your forum... you won me over! I just purchased the Developer’s Membership... much sooner than I expected to.What I think would make a great addition to your website is to showcase sites that use your themes ... I find they some people are very creative and it’s nice to see how versatile a theme can be.

- Tania Tyler

Wow where should I start? I am new to the whole wordpress world, but D5 creation were more than helpful. With their customer support I am sure a 5 year old can create a website from scratch. Not only are they helpful, but they are quick in there response. Simply fantastic, it's been quite a pleasure working with D5. Thanks again you are life savors.


Thank you... I knew I chose to go with the best for a reason.. Excellent customer support!

-testdrivetech, www.testdrivetech.net

Firstly, the Corporate theme is awsum and for the first time I am actually glad I purchased a theme. Really well done.


This is "webherper" and I created an account this morning after downloading Simplify last night. Im self teaching myself WordPress and after stumbling across your site last night I was hooked for a couple of hours. Hats off to you guys for coming where you came from and heading where you are..... I would love to work with the extended version of Simplify but am going to do as much as I can with the basic version first. Thanks for your hard work.

-John Bergman

I came to D5 because, in my opinion, their themes are just more dynamic and offered the user friendly features I wanted. But that's just my opinion.Here are some facts about my experience with D5 so far:

Respond time to my support request: LESS THAN AN HOUR

Number of times I've written a positive review of a theme provider: Once....D5

-Scott in Austin Texas

I'm a new user of D5 Creation and I am amazed at the great customer service. I was thinking of joining and downloaded a free theme. On a Sunday I sent in a few questions figuring I might not get a response or if so in a few days. I was amazed to not only get a response, but get one in a few minutes and on a SUNDAY! Their products are great and their customer service is a well.

-Matt Plapp

Hi guys, just wanted to post a big thank you for your swift and fantastic customer support. i buy themes from several places, but often there are bugs and when you try to get a resolve you never get a reply, but they've already got your money. you themes not only work perfect, but if i need to change something, your customer support always delivers the answer in easy to understand terms and within 24 hours, keep up the good work... let's have some more great themes too please... .

-Stephen Turner

I've recently began using d5 Creation's for my business. I am a web developer in San Diego California. Recently due to a tight economy I've noticed not many clients can afford web updates or a fancy custom site. D5 has a opened a new stream of clients for us. We are now offering low cost wordpress sites for our customers and thanks to D5 Creation we've been busier than ever. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a website.

-T. De Leon, Zion Web Development

D5 Creation is awesome. I use their service more than 4 years and I am satisfied. They updated everything regularly and the products are becoming more attractive day by day. Their support service is also awesome. I recommend all to use their service.

-Shahadat Kamal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

We are operating a social networking site which is developed by D5 Creation. They served us many times. When we face any problem D5 Creation team supports us with smiling face. All of our community members are enjoying the site.

--Administrator, HomeSatkhira Community

It works pretty well now after I re-installed it and did some customerized changes. The theme is beautiful and I like it very much.
Thanks a lot for your great efforts!


Excellent theme. I love it. I implemented many of my clients site with D5 Socialia. The users who are facing image transitions problem are requested to minimize there image size.

-Ken Baddok

D5 Creation developed our website. The site is based on WordPress and they also developed the theme for us. Our site visitors express their good feelings after visiting the site.

-Robert D. Nina, LA, USA

EC Bangladesh is proudly using the services provided by D5 Creation. Their support team is genius. Our website developed by them is very easier to upload contents. Our site provided extra values for our organization

-Sultan Mahmud Manik, Dhaka, Bangladesh

D5 Creation is awesome. I like and recommend their service.

-James Marriort, Australia

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