Smartia is Distributed in Two Packages

FREE Version: D5 Smartia

Extend Version: D5 Smartia Extend

Current Version: 4.7
Last Updated on: May 03, 2023

Smartia, CSS3 and HTML5 Powered Advertisement Ready Smart Theme with Unlimited Slides.

Smartia is Fully Responsive! First time, The Skitter Slider is Responsive!. All devices can display this Theme within their view-able area. Smartia Extend has 100+ Theme Options and Features

WordPress Blog Theme

Smartia is a smart and Responsive WordPress Blog Theme for those people and companies who want to create a innovative and attractive WordPress Blog. D5 Smartia theme for WordPress is sophisticated, lightweight, and adaptable. You can use D5 Smartia for Black and White looking Smart Blogging, Personal or Corporate Websites. This theme is using Famous Skitter jQuery Slider which is RESPONSIVE for the first time. D5 Creation's Support will be with you, Always!

Extend Version has Advanced Functionalities and can be downloaded by the ONE THEME and DEVELOPER Members Only!

Extend Version has More Theme Features which will give freedom to the developers and the theme will be a frame of a complete CMS.