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We checked your site and find everything all right. You may be finding a Cached Site. If you have any Caching System like CloudFlare or Caching System, you should Purge/Clear the Caches. If your hosting company has any caching system, please contact them for clearing the Cache. You should also Clear the Cache/History from your Browser. We also request you to read our Tutorials. In the Theme Update Tutorial we have Pointed these.

Theme Caching

Your issue is not related to Themes. That is a caching issue, not any bug of the Theme.

This is what we are finding in your New Site. No Issues.


And, this was the Old Site


If you don’t want the Responsive Menu in Small Devices you can Disable the Responsive Layout from WP-Admin > Appearance > CORPORATE Options > General Options

We are confirming you again your issue is not related to the Themes.