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Do you know?

You can set a Page and if you write the breaking news line by line in that page the breaking news will be shown with or without links as per your content. This will help those site owners who don’t want to give enough permission to the Editors, Writes or others rather than Administrators

You can set the news from meta value. You can check the appropriate box under editor during news creation/editing

You can set the news from options page as before

Popular News ShortCode

You can use Short Code named [mostpopularnews]

You can also use the Short Code with parameters [mostpopularnews total_news="35" number_of_visible_news="20" number_of_news_move="7" ]. You can use this Short Code in any Text Widget in Right/Left Sidebar if you want to show the Popular News with Scrolling Effects like The DEMO.

Popular News ShortCode

Full ShortCode with all Paremeters:

[mostpopularnews total_news="35" number_of_visible_news="20" number_of_news_move="7" cat_slug="business" box_title="Sample Title" ]

If you use the cat_slug, The Section will show news from that Specific Category avoiding the Most Read or Most Commented value.

You can find the Category Slug ( cat_slug ) from WP-Admin > Posts > Categories

Page/Post/Custom Post Content using ShortCode

Post Content from ID

You can use Short Code named [d5contentfromid postid="123"] in any place where ShortCode is acceptable to show the Page/Post Content from the Page/Post ID 123. You can use this within any Page/Post Editor, Custom HTML/Text WidGet, any Advertisement Position etc. The Post ID is a Must.

Site Performance/Speed Improvement

You can speed up your site dramatically in even lower resource based shared hosting. You can use any caching plugin like W3 Total Cache which can improve your site performance dramatically. We have configuration file which can set the settings for W3 Total Cache for NewsPress Extend. You can download This File, Extract and Upload the extracted file from W3 Total Cache Dashboard. Thus, you need not think for the best settings of W3 Total Cache. You can also use the CloudFlare’s Free Plan for Security, Speed, CDN, DNS and overall Performance Improvements.

You can also take our Custom Service for any Security, Speed, Performance issues.