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i don’t have a sticky post.

de temporary url is: yuskincare.nl/abc/

i switched the theme option “Front Page Post/Page Visibility” to “Show Posts or Page and Left/Right Sidebar.” it was on Show Posts or “Page Full Width without Left/Right Sidebar”
and in the “read” menu i have selected to show 1 post, as i want to show 1 post on the blog (nieuws) page.
as you can see now it shows no (not even 1!) post on the front page, i want to show 3 or 4.

But it does show just 1 blogpost (nieuws) like i wanted.

I also noticed that the menu is to high (if scrolled to the top).
It should not go higher than/be on top of the horizontal line that separates the part of the header that doesn’t scroll.
(i checked my logo it is the correct hight)