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John Barson

Thanks for the quick response. Man I tried every combination of video urls/video plugins possible…except that one…sites back on track. Site is on my pc on a wamp64 server but when it goes live I’ll post a link. It’s a fitness/corporate wellness site. I’ve got a programmer working on it tomorrow to add some more functionality and make the home page work better in responsive mode as well as the full width function. It kinda sucks that we have to design one size fits all websites. It is so different looking at a site on a cell phone vs a 50+” television. Even on my desktop I have a 22″ monitor and a 28″ monitor. Site is so different on both of those. Have to come up with a better width setup for the content. For example if the site goes wider than say 22″ it adds the left or right column. The column would stay hidden until the site was on a larger monitor or television and you wouldn’t see it on a cellphone. Or…have content underneath the main body and when the site goes wider than 22″ it moves that content into the right or left column. Or something like that…I don’t know the solution.

Is there any reason why you don’t put that video code string in the template admin so you easily add the videos? I literally spent close to 4 hours on what should have been a cut and paste scenario.

But thanks again for the quick response.