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Re: A few questions before I purchase

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Quote from mlmpronews on December 6, 2012, 18:49

I am setting up a website for a client and have a few questions.
Decided to use wordpress as platform for the site.

I am not so experienced with wordpress and what is possible to do.

As far as I understand most anything can be done with WP and the framework is as suitable for a website as a blog.

Now, I am looking at your different themes which I like very much,
however I have difficulties knowing which one I need for my project so an advice would be helpfull.

I want the website to appear more as a regular site than a blog, where most pages would be static
in the sense that only the owner edits the pages, maybe one page as a blog where there can be user input.

I have looked at the Business Line Pro which I like the appearance off.

However what my client wants is the following :

Slide show instead of static top picture

Drop down menues – (menues with submenus)

Also I was wondering about the term Fully Responsive used about the Design theme.

I see pictures of tablets and smartphones, does it mean that the site will know
what kind of device is accessing it and present itself accordingly ?

If so, is this a functionality in other themes as well ?

Looking forward to your answers and becomming a customer.


Rune Fjortoft


Thank you for your forum post. Greetings from our team!

WordPress is the most used CMS and it is the easiest to use. You can use WordPress to deliver any kinds of Web Site.

Most of our Pro Themes are CMS Theme. Such as you will be able to do almost everything from the Theme Options. Such as; you can disable the comments box completely and many options.

The Pro Version can show Slide Shows.

Now a days most of the smart devices have more than 1000px width resolution. In this way all of our theme will fit with the screen exactly. Responsive themes can fit with low resolution devices like 320px mobile screen but the website can’t show all the features properly. Other themes rather than Responsive layout can be shown in the same devices too will full performance but scrolling is needed.

You can find the features of our themes in their specific theme pages.