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Re: Black Under Slider Images

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Quote from mcload on May 16, 2013, 22:18
Thank you in advance for your assistance…no tremendous hurry on these questions; I did search first.


As you might see, I’m getting a strong broad black line under my slider images, which I assume are supposed to be a reflection effect.
I was unable to keep my images to the “optimum” size you recommend, so I’m wondering if that’s the cause. Should I try to delete and then reload these images? I can do without the reflection if need be, tho it would be nice to have it.

Also, I assume the series of dots under the slider photos (in the demo) are specific to the 3D slider effect? (I want to see if my client says anything about the slider photos being too “busy” before I attempt the 3D effect).

Would also like to try some background images, and sorry for the newbie question, but can you recommend the pixel size for background images?

My apologies if these have been answered elsewhere.

So far, I’m having no problems with your theme, and I like it very much….though you can see I’ve barely gotten much done so far.
(I had first tried a template from “Elegant Themes” and it was a NIGHTMARE!)

Best Regards,
Patrick McLoad

You will find the perfect image size besides the upload/remove button of the images. You can remove the bottom reflection using the following code in the Custom Code within Head Area of Simplify Options.

#slide-container { background: none no-repeat scroll center bottom transparent; }

You can control the Slider Effect/Transition speed from Simplify Options. Please find those under Slider Settings Tab.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.

One suggestion for you: You can use Custom Menu. Thus you will be able to show Parent and Child Menus in Top and Sub Menu containers.