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Re: Corporate Extend Slider Issue

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Quote from integral_resources on November 5, 2013, 00:54
I guess my last post was deleted and I have still yet to get an email back!? My slider isn’t working. I paid for Developer and nobody ever emails me back? What gives?

So back to the slider issue…I have wordpress 3.7.1. I know there was a problem with the 3.6 but you said it was resolved… I’ve been trying to get this fixed for a week now. Also, the Image Caption is pretty HUGE. How can I make that smaller or just appear when you move the cursor over it?


You know that we were transferring our site from the Old Server to the Present Server for Slow Site Loading Issue. During that transition period some Forum Posts and E-Mails were not received by us. We are sorry for that.

You are running the 1.8 Version of CORPORATE Extend. The Latest Version is 1.9. Please Update your Theme. This update will not remove any of the contents of your site.