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Re: Disable Comments broken after W3 Total Cache

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Quote from d5123 on July 28, 2013, 21:05

I am editing a site with the Small Business Theme and installed the “Disable Comments” plugin.

This morning I installed the W3 Total Cache addon and the plugins have clashed.

Although it still currently says “Comments Off” the comments box still shows when before this box was removed completely.

I have done the following:

– Installed the W3 Flush Cache Plugin and flushed the cache before removing the W3 Total Cache plugin completely.

– Removed all comments-related code in the comments.php file of the theme.

– Uinstalled and reinstalled the theme to default to reinstall the original comments code.

– Tried several different “remove comments” plugins (after uninstalling the original).

And still I cannot get this comments box to go away on the posts!

Any ideas?

It is very hard for us to check every plugins one by one. There are thousands of plugins. We can say all of our Themes are developed maintaining all WordPress Coding Standards. W3 Total Cache is a nice plugin and we also use this plugin with some of our sites. Those are working without any issue. If you can configure the W3TC properly no problem should be raised from the Theme.

BTW, what is your site URL?