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Re: Featured Boxes Small Business FREE

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Steven Paul
Quote from deegibbons on January 27, 2013, 11:04

It’s the main page. There are two boxes below the slider, Residential Real Estate and Investment Real Estate. I’d like the Residential Real Estate box to start at the left margin and spread about half way across. Then Investment Real Estate would be on the right half.


WOW.. That is a tough one. Knowing how locked down the free version of this theme is, you might be better off using the lower page widgets and manipulating the code in them instead. I looked at the code and couldn’t see where the sizes and alignment options were either and I have been playing with this theme in particular for some time now. I do know the widgets are a bit easier. It is unlikely that D5 will comment on this other than to tell you, you should purchase the theme… Nice site though BTW. Please check out mine and tell me what you think – http://www.testdrivetech.net