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Re: Font Spacing On Discussion Theme

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Kevin Bachelder
Quote from d5creation on October 6, 2012, 00:13
We don’t distribute specific themes seperately. We have membership plans and the Paid Members can download and use any or all of our products they are entitled. You can Find the Membership Plan here: https://d5creation.com/mp.

The Pro Version Demo can be found here http://demo.d5creation.com/wp/themes/discussion/

If I’m reading things correctly the “Starter” plan is good for 6 months. If I sign-up for the “Starter” plan does that mean I can download the pro version of ‘Discussion’ to use and if there are any updates to it during those 6 months I would get them for free?

If I choose not to renew my membership after 6 months can I still use the Pro verion of ‘Discussion’ as is? Meaning that we would be entitled to keep using it but we wouldn’t get any updates to it?