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Re: iPhone Rendering Issue w/Simplify Theme

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Quote from tanyagarrett on August 5, 2013, 23:45
I’m test driving a few of your themes and considering a developer membership. I’m using the Simply theme for a site I’m working on. It looks absolutely beautiful, but most of the visitors are on iPhones or iPads and are running into an issue where the text is continuously moving. It’s as if the text is re-sizing every 10-15 seconds. What can I do to fix this?


Simplify has 04 Slide Effects. Only the 3D Side requires Adobe Flash Player. If your device has Flash Player Installed the Slidershould run. Please consider This is not the Theme Issue, this is the issue of flash on your device.

We found the following text in the cnet website. You can read and Download from This Location

Most people know about the lack of support for Flash on the iPad and iPhone, but Flash is alive and well on Mac OS X with the Adobe Flash Player for Mac. As the app name suggests, this is a player for Flash 11 videos for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. Adobe Flash Player for Mac is a browser plug-in and allows viewing of Web sites with Flash videos embedded in them to appear on the Mac OS. You won’t find Adobe Flash Player for Mac on the App Store (thanks to the dispute between the two companies) but you can get it from the Adobe and many download sites.

Flash 11 is the latest version of Flash from Adobe, and Adobe Flash Player for Mac supports all the features of Flash11 including filters and effects and false 3D. Since a considerable number of Web sites rely on Flash, having the ability to view these videos using Safari or other Mac-compatible browser allows Web sites to appear as the developers intended. In testing, Adobe Flash Player for Mac worked as advertised, playing Flash videos inside our Web browser without intervention, although we did experience freezes of a few videos on some sites (randomly, it seems) that required a refresh of the site to overcome. Curiously, most of the issues were while using Firefox.

Adobe Flash Player for Mac isn’t the only Flash player available for the Mac, but it’s the official release from Adobe. For the most part it worked great, but the random lockups are a bit worrisome. Still, that’s better than not having anyFlash support on the Mac at all.

This Forum Discussion may help you, too.

There are another 03 slide effects which are not dependent on Flash. But those are not like 3D Slide. Those are nice and you can see one of those slide Effect in our Business Line Theme.