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Re: Login on startpage in Simplify extended theme

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Login on startpage in Simplify extended theme Re: Login on startpage in Simplify extended theme

Ronnie Teurfs

Thanks , it’s working but …yes there’s a but the problem with this is that after login the user stays logged in. Is there a way to change the menu ,after the user is logged in, to a menu item “logout”? Now it stay’s offcourse menu item “login”.

Because I have set the admin bar for user’s hided there is no item to click to checkout. I don’t want anyone to get to the dasboard , even logged in users.

But this gives the problem of security , even if the user closes the browser , if a other person opens the browser and go’s to the website the hidden page will be visible because the browser will open with the previous users login.

Any possibilities or have I tth go to the pluginside ? No idea how to start that search . I mean they maybe all do de job but I don’t want all the extra stuff that I maybe never use – just login and logout , that’s it.