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Re: Login on startpage in Simplify extended theme

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Quote from Roadracer on March 31, 2013, 18:48

Is there a way to get the login appear on my home page like on the D5 Design extended theme?
I got it now on the second page in the sidebar via a plugin I rather have it on the top like in the other theme(s) without a extra plugin.

My goal is that the registered users after been logged in can see a hidden page and non-logged in abviously don’t see that page or get a message that they don’t have the rights.

Maybe it’s included and I’m missing ( don’t see ) it.


http://www.devrijeburgers.be without the top login
http://www.spelendeoldtimers.be with the top login

Unfortunately the Simplify Extend has no Built in Log In Box. You can find lots of Plugins which can set a floating Log In Box in your site even in Front Page. You can also Make a Menu Item setting the URL as http://www.devrijeburgers.be/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://www.devrijeburgers.be