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Re: Remove Indent

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Quote from pablocabo on March 20, 2013, 19:01
I have the latest version (good changes). But;
1) Still have indent issue on text in the “info” section of the slider images; checkout: http://www.recruityourkid.com/dev or http://www.recruityourkid.com (moving site today).

2) OFF TOPIC HERE, but when you upgrade the theme, i noticed i had to go back to each of my sites and manually reupload to programming for “3dslide.php”. Why won’t this manually populate?


We may suggest you to put the info text on the image using any image editor. Thus the text will be appeared as the way you want.

You can use the Adding New Themes Manually (FTP). The Most Active Way That You Should Use method and can deselect the 3dslide.php during upgrading the Theme .