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Re: social network link errors

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Quote from kataranyberg on September 5, 2012, 22:40

I am struggling with my social network links. The option for D5 under appearance in wordpress allow you to add the URLS in. The site URL is initially added before my social link URL. It is appearing like this:

http://www.thecreditgoddess.com/www.twitter.com/Credit_Goddess (by example)

I have not entered my website URL first, it automatically does this. I attempted to add solely the suffix ex. Credit_Godess and it still adds it but since I removed the twitter URL it only reads: http://www.thecreditgoddess/Credit_Goddess.

My site appears once my social network links are clicked on, to be, 404 page error page not found.

Any help works. I have seen others with this same error too! Thanks guys!

Use full Prefixed url. Like http://facebook.com/d5creation or http://www.facebook.com/d5creation