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Robert Salmon

I just updated the Simplify extend theme to check out the new testimonials functionality. I. LOVE. IT!!

I also believe with the new functionality, that you can actually exceed the recommended 150 characters. I have a testimonial that is 270 characters with spaces and it looks quite nice now that I can control the testimonial speed! AWESOME!!!!

You guys are my heroes!!!!

But seriously, thank you so much – this change truly makes a very positive impact on my website which is trying to make a positive impact on women’s lives.
So if you ever think that when you make changes to our themes that you are just making things “more convenient” or more “pretty” sure there are sites where that is the case – but in my case you are helping deliver a message of hope to hurting people. So you are doing FAR MORE than just writing code, or testing code or deploying code (and all the support functions around that)

Never forget that.

p.s. Please pass my gratitude along to the person(s) responsible for approving this change, writing the spec, writing the code, testing the code and deploying the code, and posting this reply.