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Robert Burnie

No it’s not during any zooming in and out.

When I inspect the element I can change it to what I want. this has media=”all”
.box_skitter img {
max-width: none;
min-width: 100%;
height: 288px;
/* height: 23vw; */

It’s when I take out the height 23vw the picture reduces it’s size to the slider box which I also have to manually set at 300px

The problem is in your tutorial it talks about changing the CSS but I can’t get it to work. I want to change the box skitter to remove the height of 23vw and have a height of 288px

I want to change the div box skitter to the height of 288px and turn off the 23vw

also I want to change the color of orange to a hue of

I know there’s a place on general options to add these things but everytime I try it never works.

Your advice and CSS coding expertise is definatly requested.