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    Ever since I have downloaded Sociala extend, I am still not getting the slider to cooperate. I have followed instructions but I am relatively new to CSS and I’m struggling to get it done. I love the theme but the pictures (all at the recommended 950 X 300 size) are zooming and look distorted.

    I’m trying to change the orange color as well

    Can anyone help me?

    The site is http://evolibri.com/wp/

    Again please understand I am a novice at this and I’m sure you all were at some point, so please bear with me.



    D5 Creation

    Is that happening during zooming/re-sizing of your browser window? If that is true, you should consider that users will visit your site from their devices. So, you should refresh the browser after zooming/re-sizing the browser.


    No it’s not during any zooming in and out.

    When I inspect the element I can change it to what I want. this has media=”all”
    .box_skitter img {
    max-width: none;
    min-width: 100%;
    height: 288px;
    /* height: 23vw; */

    It’s when I take out the height 23vw the picture reduces it’s size to the slider box which I also have to manually set at 300px

    The problem is in your tutorial it talks about changing the CSS but I can’t get it to work. I want to change the box skitter to remove the height of 23vw and have a height of 288px

    I want to change the div box skitter to the height of 288px and turn off the 23vw

    also I want to change the color of orange to a hue of

    I know there’s a place on general options to add these things but everytime I try it never works.

    Your advice and CSS coding expertise is definatly requested.



    D5 Creation

    You should use starting and closing style tag in the Custom Code within Head Area Box. Like:


    doesn’t work in general options


    it works if I reduce the size of the screen to 800 X 680


    Also I want to change the color orange to a different color?


    D5 Creation

    The latest version has been removed the 23vw from CSS. Please download the latest version. For Styling you can follow This Tutorial


    Superb. That’s worked. Huge thank you.

    Can you advise me on how to change the menu bar from Orange?



    D5 Creation

    It is as simple as pasting the following in the Custom Code within Head Area. You should change the color #000000 to your own

    <style>#socialia-main-menu { background: #000000; } </style>

    We have also found this using This Technique

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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