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Sajid Mahmood


I have installed and activated the Travel Lite theme at my magazine site, i.e. http://www.almubashir.org
I have few concerns before buying the extend version.

1. My nephew who is apps developer, says that this Travel theme is not responsive, because when I reduce the browser’s width the browser reduces the sites width too, no horizontal scrolling, but when I bring the width almost to the middle of the screen the browser starts showing the horizontal scrolling, again when I bring the browser width to almost 25% of the screen the browser again removes the scrolling bar… You can view this at my Live site at http://www.almubashir.org What is that?

2. Also, as you that this site is going to be totally in Urdu language, and also I want to load an Urdu font (jameel noori nastaleeq font) on my web server, so that every visitor can see the site in this font (doesn;t matter he/she has this font installed on their computer or not). So do you provide this paid service? If yes, then how much that would be?

Please answer my questions at your earliest convenience, as I am hurry to buy this now.

Thanks & regards,
Sajid Mahmood