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Video News ?

NewsPress has added new Video News Feature. You can add Video News in your site. You can use YouTube Links, Embed Code or WP Supported Video Sites’ URLs in the Specific Box. But you need to Activate the Video News. We believe that the following two images will show you all

NewsPress Video News

NewsPress Video

You can use YouTube Videos Several ways

– Direct pasting the YouTuve Video like https://youtu.be/Z4rjP1nZRD0 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4rjP1nZRD0

– Using the iFrame like

– Uploading Video in your Site/Hosting from the Add Media Button above the Video Box

– Using ShortCode

– Using Embed Code

For MP4 Videos you should use the Following:

This Tutorial and The following Video may also help you to Add Video or Audio to any Posts in WordPress