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James Baysinger


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have tried the static page, but it changes everything. The site is metalcrunch.com. I haven’t changed anything other than a little text and a few images. I’ll try to post screenshots, hopefully they will show up. As you can see, the only choices I get are the About page and the Blog page.


What I want is my front page to stay the same, but I want the blog page to be able to be used as a blog.

This is what the front page currently looks like.


But when I try to use a static page, it basically deletes everything on my front page and only offers me two choices: About page and the Blog page.


I’m just not sure what to do with the front page to keep it without losing the format when I change to static.

If I have to create a blank page and use it as the front page, how do I transfer the exact format, text, and images from the current front page to a blank page?