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Re: Change colors in Small Business Template

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Just enter the following code in the Custom Code within Head Area of Theme Options. Change the colors as expected. These are sample codes. You should implement like these. We recommend not to customize the theme styling code. Pro users should implement the customization in the Custom code within Head Area.

#smallbusiness-top-menu { border-left: 1px solid #940D05; border-right: 1px solid #D61003;}
#top-menu-container input#s { border: 1px solid #D61003; }
.facebook-link, .twitter-link, .youtube-link, .li-link, .feed-link { background-color: #FD7B6D; border-color: #FCB3AB #FCB3AB #911406 #911406; }

You can create two menu items. Suppose Main-Menu and Top Menu. You can follow This Tutorial.