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Re: Change the photos on the first page to videos from youtube…

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions Change the photos on the first page to videos from youtube… Re: Change the photos on the first page to videos from youtube…

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Quote from alimansho on September 15, 2012, 13:38
Dear Sir,
I’m really UNHAPPY??? Because I already paid for the pro version but your promise I couldn’t apply it on my website???
I sent you the following statement at the first of this discussion and you said to me that i will be able to apply it on the PRO version????
“On the first page, there are four images down, I actually want to change them to video from youtube.. I’ve been trying hard to do it with no luck..”

I agree with you that I can post videos but only for the banner…
I don’t need videos on the banner, I need videos instead of the down images: In the featured BOXS – instead of the images..?Otherwise I wouldn’t buy it at all… You said to me that those feature are available only on PRO the one I bought…?
Please send me how can I replace them or add to them video under them ,please…


We are apologizing if you not find the options! The option is present in the front page 4 featured boxes. Just Input the Video Iframe Code from YouTube and Paste it within the description field. Leave the Featured Box Title and Image field blank. Thus your site will show the videos. Please remember the width for the videos.

If you can’t do that you may provide us the 04 video links with your WP Dashboard User Id and Password in [email protected] We will do the rest for you.