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Re: Changing footer and featured boxes

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Quote from Mockka on January 3, 2013, 23:26
Hello, I tried to set up a picture gallery and to usethe jetpack carousel.It is not working. Same for Publicize. Reading infos on forums, apparently the chosen themes can be the problem. What can I do?

Thank you soo much for your assistance 🙂

We didn’t tested jetpack carousel but we see that the plugin is backdated (last updated 84 days ago). We don’t know the current WordPress version will support that plugin properly or not because the plugin was developed for WordPress 3.4 ready. We didn’t find anything named Publicize in the WP plugins repository.

There are thousands of plugins. Theme authors can’t test all the plugins. But our theme is using all the WP standard features and hooks in appropriate place. All standard plugins should work with our themes perfectly.

You can also use WordPress’s own gallery creation technique rather than using a plugin.

BTW you should create new forum topic. The title of this topic is not relevant with your topic.