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Re: Custom Menu Categories

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Quote from kalalilys on May 7, 2013, 21:02
I created a custom menu for my site using Simplify Extend and though the menu is there, it does not seem to populate with the category posts when the posts are tagged.

The menu is set up like this:

Furniture (PAGE)
Tabes (category)
End Tables (category)
Wall Storage (category)

So based on other blogs I have set up, when I create a post and tag it with the category name, ie “Wall Storage,” my understanding is that it should archive into the category page under the “Furniture” page, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks and I love the theme. Here is the site to refer to: http://www.mulliganmadefurniture.com

Custom Menu is a WordPress Core Feature. This Tutorial may help you. BTW, you are not using Simplify Extend. You are using Simplify Free Version.