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Re: D5 Business Line problems on iPhone

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Quote from srussell55 on February 27, 2013, 22:46
I’m using the Free version. Basically testing to see how much I like it. WordPress informed me that an upgrade was available,,, with no comments. I upgraded and now the images are distorted as mentioned above using Iphone or Ipad. It would have been nice to have been informed that the upgrade version had javascript problems that will not be fixed until,,,,, who knows. I understand you get what you pay for, however, even with a free version the javascrip issue should have been fixed or notify the user that there will be an error. This is poor support and I will probably move on to another test theme.

It is not possible to check themes with all type of devices. Apple Devices may have problems for JavaScripts and Flash. We update according to the users feedback. D5 Creation is popular for their users because we care our users and most of the cases we respond within one hour. Is it right to tag poor support without seeking any support? How will we get inspiration for free theme developed? Anyway, you may shift to another Theme, it is your independence.

What is your website url? We may help you once we visit your website and investigate the problem.