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Re: General question on which product to choose

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Quote from Duggz on December 28, 2012, 01:51
Good day all

Can anyone recommend a product to suit my needs. I’ve currently offered my services to family members to build and maintain websites FOC After failing and admitting defeat with dreamweaver to creat that wow factor website with many downloads of there free addition. I have found D5.

One of these sites will be for a charity that caters and cares for disadvantaged kids in the uk. A great Charity that needs a vital resorce the other is for a small business of my parents run here in the uk. any suggestions as to which package to choose would be great.

Look forward to your replys

Duggz 😀


Sorry for late reply. You can visit all of our Theme Pages and see the features. You can also visit our demo sites to see the working themes. Thus you will be able to select the right theme for you.

We have a Social Development Organization Theme named D5 Socialia.