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Re: Header and Other Color Change

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Patrick McLoad

I’m sorry, but after hours of trying, the response you gave was NO help at all. I have looked in the list of the line of codes and can find nothing that refers to the top black areas nor the bottom black stripe (social media). I think the only color I was able to change was the website text color.

Could you possibly be more specific as to what the line of code reads for the top black “header” where the word SIMPLIFY resides,
and the line of code for the charcoal box where the words “Welcome to the world of Creativity” is?

I’ve tried using Firebug and Inspect Element, but can find nothing.

Thanks for your help. I no longer think my client is on-board anymore, so from here, I’m just trying to learn how
to change some of these colored areas. I certainly understand that the white color I am trying to change these areas to is #ffffff. And yes, the little activation box is checked.

Many thanks.