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Re: Header and Other Color Change

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Quote from mcload on May 18, 2013, 02:05
Thank you in advance, and my apologies for the newbie question.
My client does not like any of the black or charcoal-gray colors in the
Simplify Extended site I’m working on, at the top or the bottom.

Nor does he like the “blue” color that show on the links (calls it “Baby-Blue), but
never told me what he does like….maybe something a bit darker?

He is considering dropping the use of this template altogether if I can’t create
something that he likes. Part of the issue is that I don’t have any “soft-sell” or
marketing verbage about the company, the people, the “mission” and things like
“our company focuses on YOUR problems, finding solutions to impossible problems”…
stuff like that.

I had been concentrating solely on the “nuts and bolts” of the site, getting his product line
listed, and all of the models in each product line, etc, etc….I hadn’t done any work on the
“this is our company and why we are the best choice for you” kind of stuff. I figured we would deal with
that later.

So for the short-term, like today, if we can get the colors changed, this might help. If I need
your custom support for this please advise. There may be some other tasks to do, but would rather that
be confidential. I tried my best to make some of these changes in the code, but it never took….admittedly, I may not know what I’m doing.

Thanks for your help and advice.



You can use the Color Settings Tab from Simplify Options for Color Changing of the Site. All the color codes are given there. You should check the activation checkbox to activate the color settings.

You can do any change within Theme Options because these will not be affected during Theme Update. But some options are not recommended because those may change the Theme’s visual appearance and combinations. But you may do those if you can handle those effectively. You can copy any code block from the style.css file and use that in the Custom Code within Head Area of Theme Options between starting <style> and closing </style> tag like:


body { color: #000000; }


You can provide us Site URL, one Temporary Admin ID and Password to our E-Mail so that we can check your site and your customization. You can still take our Custom Service Opportunity if you require.

Please ask your client to supply any image, screenshot or sample website what he needs.