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Re: Help on theme extension like on simplify extended

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Quote from Roadracer on March 16, 2013, 20:33
Hello again,

I know You did a fantastic job on the theme simplify extension item Partners & Clients .(see previous post)
I’m working on a second website with the D5 Design Extend . So here is the question : can I copy and paste some of the code to get the same ability that you created for the simlify extended theme regarding clients?
The problem is I know a little bit html but that is really a little bit and I suppose the changes to have the same as the simplify theme would be to big to do it myself I’m afraid!?

I could work with a plugin to change every page to another theme ( like Page Theme plugin) but I like the D5 Design extend theme ‘s first page so that’s not a option.

Any ideas?


An idea may be you will open the front page in Firefox and/or Chrome and click the Right Mouse Button and Select View Page Source. Copy the appropriate part you need and paste that in Text/HTML Mode of Editor of any page you may create. Change the Texts, not the HTMl Tags.

We wish we will introduce such these features in our Themes so that Users can do these easily.