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Re: My Banner Images wont load… :-(

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions My Banner Images wont load… :-( Re: My Banner Images wont load… :-(

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Quote from Kiwiboy52 on February 8, 2014, 05:52
I guess my question is this, —- where do I find the banner Ad code, and what exactly is it?
Thanks for your answer.

Smartia has only Free Version now. We are aware that the Free version has some issues because it was not updated regularly when all of our 29 others themes are updated regularly. We have a plan to release an Extend Version of Smartia within 2/3 days. The DEVELOPER Members can download and use the Smartia Extend within 3 days. The total Theme Framework will be changed during this new Release.

But the FREE Version can still show Ad Code. You can visit our DEMO to see that the Ads are working. You can download the Theme from D5 Creation Site and can install.