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Re: problems downloading simplify extend version

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Quote from dcoons on April 24, 2014, 20:33
You are very misleading about what you get for the starter package and I see that it is a scam to get people to buy quickly so that you get their money and do not have to issue a refund. I will do every thing in my power to flame you on my website and every social media option there is. judging by your responses to all the help questions above you have very little consideration for your customers. I guess I am stuck with you for 6 months since I cant get a refund and can’t afford to go any where else.You must be so proud.As I have said you are very misleading and have extremely shady business practices.

We apologize if our information doesn’t make you clear. We have issued refund of Your STARTER Payment. Please consider that, there are several pages including the Profile Page, Membership Page, ToS where we clearly mentioned that STARTER Members are not eligible for Extend Themes.