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Re: Simplify not working

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Quote from katyclo on May 1, 2013, 01:42
I have been creating a site using Simplify for a week and everything was working fine. Today 4/30 the banner image and header disappeared and an error message “Page not found” is appearing instead. The home page itself is there with all links and featured images etc intact but the banner is gone. I tried refreshing, logging out, and finally re-doing the entire home page but it is still not displaying properly. Something is wrong. I also saw a post from someone else who is experiencing this problem on another one of your themes..your reply to him was that everything is “fine”…

Please reply. I will not buy a premium membership unless I know that your themes work and consistently display the way they are supposed to display.

Please consider that WordPress is the Most Popular CMS. Theme is a 20% part of WordPress. We are ensuring you that the Problem you described is not related with Themes. You should check your WordPress Core Settings.