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Re: Tabel on page is in view behind Sibebar on some pcs

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Tabel on page is in view behind Sibebar on some pcs Re: Tabel on page is in view behind Sibebar on some pcs

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Quote from Roadracer on March 20, 2013, 18:24
Ok , can you tell me how to do that please


Never mind , found it and learned something new.

I suppose there will be several other things like this in the futher that I have to change the dimensions ?
It give’s more work to check other sites engines to see if all is in view.

I did think that this was standard , I mean that the image or tabel settings would take the % instead of px when creating it .

But hey the problem is solved .

Thanks very much for your patience,


PS. Any idea about the other issue I have posted in the : https://d5creation.com/forum/general-discussions-group1/wish-a-new-product-or-service-forum4/help-on-theme-extension-like-on-simplify-extended-thread248/

Maybe It is something that could be implemented in all the extended themes over time ?

Not in any way pushing you 😀

Your doing a great job and I love your themes , else I would not be a extended member.

Keep up the great work


Thank You for your Appreciation. May we request you to write a Testimonial for us?