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Re: Translate to Dutch

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Quote from Roadracer on February 28, 2013, 08:58
Hello Ebosfreetype,
This maybe can help your problem !

I had first installed a english version of wordpress and now I found a dutch version of wordpress . I tested it on a new local simplify theme and it works ;

I have just a few questions about this for the Creation team : I’m wondering if I install this on my allready existing website what’s going to happen ? Is this a new full install and do I have to do all the work from zero or is the theme with all the settings going to stay like it is now ?

Otherwise , it would be the solution for me and other dutch speaking wordpress users. Or is only the wordpress in dutch and is it not doing anything with the theme layout ?

Hope to get a answer on this , because I’m building a website for a older public , where most of them not really understand some of the english terms . Some do, some don’t.

You need to install the Theme only, not entire WordPress. The contents, pages, menus, posts will remain the same as it was. You will find very few words that may be required translation. For Small Business Extend You can easily translate the related texts from Small Business Options.