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Re: Using Vertical Photos Rather Than Horizontal

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions Using Vertical Photos Rather Than Horizontal Re: Using Vertical Photos Rather Than Horizontal

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Quote from mcload on May 16, 2013, 02:11
Hello, and thank you for your advice in advance.

I am just now beginning to build a website for a client using Simplify Extend.
This company sells “aerial man-lifts”, and consequently, many of the photos of
where the lift boom is extended (working high on a building or in a tree) are
vertical, NOT horizontal.

I have not yet inserted any of this photos yet, but was just wondering if I can use
vertical photos without having to reduce them to horizontal format, making the image
in the photo quite small.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

Patrick McLoad
Houston, Texas

You can set the Width and Height of the Slider from WP-Admin > Appearance > Simplify Options > Slider Settings

You can use any images with any measurement within Posts and Pages.