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Adding a Hyperlink to each of WordPress' Simplicity-Lite featured-box element

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions Adding a Hyperlink to each of WordPress' Simplicity-Lite featured-box element

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    Joshua Semwanga

    I’m building a site for one of my very first clients using WordPress’ Simplicity-Lite Theme by D5 Creation.
    I’d like to customize the theme somehow so as to hyperlink my images in the featured-box positions (Right below the slideshowshow) to open up each an individual page in the same window.
    The problem is that the images are automatically generated/fetched by a PHP script that picks them up from the media gallery and so one script does it all for all the eight images.
    I want to make each of these images as fetched by PHP link to its own page to add interactivity to my site but I’ve tried several things but all in vain both in the style.css and the featured-box.php files.
    I think it’s because I can’t find element to hyperlink since it’s auto-generated.
    Below is a section of the PHP script in the featured-box.php file that fetches the 8 images and places them in the featured-boxes positions:

    <div id=”featured-boxs”>
    <?php foreach (range(1,8) as $fboxn) { ?>
    <span class=”featured-box”>
    <h3><?php echo of_get_option(‘featured-title’ . $fboxn, ‘Simplicity Theme for Small Business’); ?></h3>
    <div class=”content-ver-sep”></div><br />
    <p><?php echo of_get_option(‘featured-description’ . $fboxn , ‘The Color changing options of Simplicity will give the WordPress Driven Site an attractive look. Simplicity is super elegant and Professional Responsive Theme which will create the business widely expressed.’); ?></p>

    Here is the code in the style.css file that renders the images:

    #featured-boxs{padding:0 0 10px;display:block; margin: 0 -30px; text-align:center;}
    .featured-box{width:210px;margin:0 15px 10px; display:inline-block; text-align:left; vertical-align:top;}

    .featured-box h3{font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;font-weight:100;font- size:15px;color:#555555;}
    #featured-boxs h2{font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;font-weight:100;font- size:19px;color:#555555;}
    .featured-box-first{padding:20px 0;width:210px;margin:0;}
    #featured-boxs img.box-image{border:3px solid #EEEEEE;width:202px;height:100px;}
    #featured-boxs img.box-image:hover{box-shadow:0 0 11px 0px #555555;}
    #featured-boxs img.box-icon{width:50px;height:50px;}

    D5 Creation

    Simplicity Extend has Theme Options where you can insert the hyperlink/link very easily.


    Can you tell me where it is to insert hyperlinks? I bought the extended theme, but it doesnt seem to have any way of adding hyperlinks to the feature boxes on the front page,.. please help?

    D5 Creation

    @Philip Watkin, your Membership Level is FREE. How did you get the Extend Version of Simplicity? In Extend Version you can set the links and will find lots of Advanced Features and Options under Appearance > Simplicity Options

    Only the DEVELOPER Members can download and use Simplicity Extend and all of our Themes. Please remember that Simplify and Simplicity are different Themes.


    Sorry, I realise now I don’t have the extended version
    I was able to have links in the boxes before I updated this morning, Does this mean you are not allowing links in the feature boxes in the free version anymore? or is there something else I can do… I cannot afford to upgrade to the extended theme


    according to the description in the free version of simplicity, I can put html in the featured boxes:

    “Input the description of Featured Areas. Please limit the words within 30 so that the layout should be clean and attractive. You can also input any HTML, Videos or iframe here. But Please keep in mind about the limitation of Width of the box.”

    but it doesnt seem to work, it just shows it as text

    D5 Creation

    We are sorry, but the WordPress Review Guidelines have set some rules to use Output Sanitization of user data. In that case you can not use any HTML in text field. Actually the fields are Text Areas, not HTML. So while passing the data WordPress escapes the HTML. This Data Validation is required for security of your site for protecting injecting any code to your database by a hacker. So, using HTMl in text input field is not recommended.

    The Extend Version has HTML input field and you can also input Links from the Theme Options. You can check the Simplify Extend Demo HERE and Theme Features HERE.

    BTW, are you using Simplify or Simplicity?

    The texts “You can also input any HTML, Videos or iframe here. But Please keep in mind about the limitation of Width of the box” should be removed in the next update. We shall remove that texts. Here it is mentioned that These features were added recently in the Free Version.



    thanks for the response, I might have to get a new theme. It was Simplify

    D5 Creation

    We wish your success with WordPress!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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