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    Paul Zielinski

    To whom it may concern,

    We are using you D5 BUSINESS LINE template. We Really like it a lot! We are experiencing some problems with the banner and menus links. the banner is concealing the drop down menus, and I cannot find a fix.

    Our website is http://www.zcsassociates.com.

    We want to upgrade, but are reluctant to do so with this issue currently at hand.

    Please advise.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Zielinski
    Gunnery Sergeant; USMC- Retired

    Paul Zielinski: C.P.P. / P.H.R.
    Z.C.S. & Associates
    P: 888.590.6710 ext. 801
    F: 866.539.8004

    D5 Creation

    Dear User,
    If you face any problem with 2.2 version regarding Sub Menu appearance please wait until the next version be live. We have submitted the next version 2.2.1. You can also download the version from the Ticket Location.

    You can also solve the problem putting the line of css just after 414 line of the style.css file

    z-index: 9999;


    Gary Russell

    Dear ZCs 604, i have similar problem,my web address is http://www.your-pass.co.uk this looks ok from pc but when you access from an iphone for example it isn’t displaying the main banner correctly, i have checked yours and loooks good from pc but not on iphone, this only started happening after latest update, cannot find a solution 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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