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d5 lite corporate theme keeps updating with strange pictures

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support d5 lite corporate theme keeps updating with strange pictures

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    Cathy Castelli

    I purchased the d5 Corporate lite theme a couple of years ago and have been loving it. Twice in the past two weeks, the theme has updated changing my homepage and colors. Through bluehost, I was able to revert to an earlier version of the theme. I understand that I need to create a child theme of the site and activate that, so this doesn’t happen anymore. HOwever, I’m concerned because in the years that I’ve had this website, this has never happened, but now when the theme updates, it doesn’t update with the high quality pictures you have. Instead its pictures of a girl on the beach with all these umbrellas.

    I honestly thought my website was hacked, but when I’d go to wordpress and look at the theme, it was the pictures of the girl with the umbrellas.

    Is it possible that the theme itself has been hacked? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks – Cathy

    D5 Creation


    Greetings from D5 Creation!
    CORPORATE LITE is Free Theme. Where did you purchase this? It is Free Always. The Paid Version is CORPORATE Extend. We assume that you updated the Theme Files. It is not recommended to update the Theme Files directly. If you do that Theme Update will remove the editing replacing the files with new files. We recommend to use This Technique to Customize the Styling.


    Cathy Castelli

    I updated nothing. Something is automatically updating the theme. Here is what it is updating to: https://wordpress.org/themes/d5-corporate-lite/ which looks nothing like what you have here on this site. Is this your update?

    I was sure that I purchased the theme. I have been using it for four years, and this is the first time it ever updated on its own. Is there a way I can set it so it won’t update?


    D5 Creation

    CORPORATE Lite is Free. From whom did you purchase? We didn’t find anything related purchasing about you. Did you purchase from D5 Creation? We find that you registered with D5 Creation today on January 26, 2016. Only the Members can purchase Themes. So, if you purchased from D5 Creation you had membership with us. Please make sure that you purchased from D5 Creation or another person took money form you giving you the Free Version ? Sometimes Some companies or persons take money from their clients telling of purchasing Themes but they provide them the Free one with some customization.

    We don’t have any Control in your site. So, we don’t know about the Update of your site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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